What a wicked party that was last night! I met Oink and his brother Ted. Image

We stayed in my new basket for most of the time and Mummy brought us around. She called “Baby sitting” but really, she was just our chauffeur for the night.

It was in Waterford Castle, witch is on a small, private island. You get there by car ferry and we were kind of late to leave the house and on the way over, the wedding car was behind us! Image

Oink, Ted and I, were dressed  really well, I was in my new dress for the first time!ImageImageImage

Oink was showing me how to sneak around very quietly and do very naughty things and also how to get out of trouble by being really quite. I tested it out by managing to get us all glasses of champagne!Image

We got LOADS of pictures taken by paparazzi. My second cousin (the one who was doing the wedding thing called Aunty Jenifer)told mummy to try and get our pictures taken a lot. Oink even got his picture taken of when he was behind some tea pouring out into a cup!

Before dinner, we went to a room that had been reserved for great granny.We watched tv for ages!

After that, I went order room service but boring mummy stopped me before I could order 10l of melted chocolate to be sent to the room.


For dinner, mummy set a place up for us behind her on the window still. We talked a lot and joked around.At one point, Oink did the funniest thing ever. He grabbed the sugar boil and fell down, trying to eat every last grain. I started laughing my head off and got told off for being too noisy, when Oink didn’t!

Mummy had a really nice second cores. It was a passion fruit and mango sorbet but I’m still not sure what a sorbet is.

There was a really tasty looking cake there. It had a pig made of icing on it all of the layers were a different flavor! Sadly, we left before they gave it out. 😦


You can find more pics of the wedding on the “pics” page.



2 thoughts on “PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Dear Snowy,

    Thanks for posting these great photos of me, my stupid parents didn’t bother to take many photos of me at all. And it was my party!!! See you when I get back from my holidays.

    Oink xxx

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