Go Scoil Lorcáin!

Yesterday mummy told me that she was playing in Croke Park with her school. She was playing camogie. After she went to school, I started making my self nervous because I didn’t want to be humiliated if mummy lost. So I threw up! Granny made me lots of pancakes to make me feel better.Image

At the match Mummy almost scored a goal but one of the stupid people on the other team stopped her. I could have gotten her out of the way if I had brought my mind control headphones.

Here’s the rest of the pics.Image  


4 thoughts on “Go Scoil Lorcáin!

  1. I have a patent pending on all mind control gadgets so I may have to charge you royalties…. I suggest we try to get control of those big screens in the picture and broadcast messages about how great I am 🙂

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