Brothers are anoying!!!!

Hi followers!!!!!! So like I was saying in my last post, my brothers, who are twins came over to stay a week. I t might sound ok, but they are football maniacs! 8o And get this, they bought support different teams!!!!!! 😡 Lam supports Scotland and Chop supports Ireland. Lam and Chop aren’t their real names, their real names are Lammy and Puffy. They like their teams so much that they got tattoos of the country’s national plants.

One day, we went for a long cycle to Teddies, we were all sguished in to the basket until Lam said that he would go where the water bottle goes.
On our ice cream we had a chocolate flake and strawberry sauce the bad thing was that we had to share one ice cream! 😡

On the way back, we stopped off at a  huge cannon that was pointing out to sea. We were allowed to climb all over it. 😀 I made sure that I could mesmerized what it looked like so I can build my own cannon.

That was the first bit of my pain with my brothers. And then they decided to stay for another week!! 👿 The good thing was that mummy was getting sick of Lam and Chop as well so she let Fang and I play on my laptop while lam and chop watched football. On the 2last day, it was pouring rain outside   and my new mini tv was dead for a while, so we decided to make up a new game with marbles. What you gad to do was put your marble behind a line and kick it as far as you could. I kicked mine the furthest and then Chop, and then Lam. Lam had the worst kick I’ve ever seen. Fang didn’t get a go because the power had just come back on.  

On the last day we went on a walk by the sea and saw dolphins that were jumping out of the water!!!!!!! But stupid mummy didn’t bring her camera! But I did get to make a new website. I will be linking to it very soon!

Over, under and out!!!



Sorry. I won’t…


Sorry. I won’t be able to to write because my brothers who are twins came over to stay a week! :X It might sound fine, but they are a nightmare. Because they support different football clubs! 

I hear mum coming up the stairs!  

Over, under an

Crafting! XD

Today I decided to go into crafting with wood. I could make prisons and the outline on a guillotine. The first thing mummy showed me how to do was how to screw and nail. Thing is, is that you can’t make a lot of things when you only know how to nail and screw. 😦 I had good control on the hammer, it would always hit the nail. Then mummy told me to let Fang have a go. I needed to hold the wood for him because he needed to stand on a box of screws but he wobbled and hit my hand! 😥 ❗

Mummy and granddad were making a new bed for me because my last one wasn’t very good. (It was a shoe box! ❗ ) They were doing a lot of sawing and hammering and then BOOM!, they had made a bed, well, they had made the frame. We decided to paint it gooseberry and then we might put some designs on it. I was thinking bombs but leave a comment and tell me what you think I should put on it. Any way, the painting was great, or else it would of been if we were allowed to mess but mummy said that it would stay in my fur and I’m counting on it to get me money. 😳

When my granny finds foam, I’ll be having sweet dreams! 8)

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Dinner out (finaly)!

Last night I went out for dinner with my family at a place called FXBs. There was really nice food, but of course, mummy made me share with fang! 🙄 the good thing is is that I might be able to link to FXBs and become even even more popular! 😀Image

Fang and I had a hard time trying to pick what we would have, but mummy helped us as she liked to call it but really, she just got us the kids menu! 👿 I was so angry that I almost didn’t eat our burger! But it looked so good that I had to have it. 😛Image

The burger was great though I have to admit that I couldn’t eat all of it. I let Fang have the rest of it. Somehow, Fang managed to eat the rest of it ❗ There was like half of it left! Now I know where all my chocolate has been going! 👿 speaking of nice stuff, the dessert was really nice, we had a selection of ice creams. When I say selection, I mean you got 3 ice creams, but they were still really nice. There was vanilla, strawberry and brown bread. they were really nice even though you wouldn’t think that the brown bread would be nice. 😛 Image

You should go to FXBs, or perish! (When I get my mini destroyers working)

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Party with teddies! XD

Last night I was up all night with my new BFFs. ImageWe were out at a club that was packed full of people! They all moved though when mummy took pictures. We were at the club because it was Charcoal’s birthday that night. we had a ball! Mummy didn’t even stop me when I snuk into the mini bar and ate all the cookies! 😛 Charcoal and Noel have their own blog aswell but they have to share! 😛 When I have my own blog of my own! 😀

There was a piano there and we all had a go on it. We are going to start a band with me as the lead singer, Noel on the concertiana and Charcoal on the piano. I talked them into letting Oink into the band as lead singer no.2 aslong as he wants to be in ar band.Image

In the middle of the club was a snooker table. There was a really nice man there who tough us how to play. It’s very easy, you just have to hit the illominous ball into other balls and try to get them into one of the pockets but first you have to hit a red or a yello ball and then a coulered ball. I was the best of course! 😉Image

After we went out side because Noel felt sick. 🙄 But there was a big tree and swings out there so all was not lost. first we climbed the tree and of course, I was the fastest and climded the highest! but mum insisted on them being higher in the picture. 😥 😦Image


You can see Noel and Charcoal on

Don’t worry Oink your still my bffl! 😉

Over, under and out! 😀