Oink and crabs! :D

Hey!!!!!!!!! I was at Oink’s house on Tuesday. I see why he wants to move out, it is a dump!!!!!!!!!!( No offence mommy Oink) If I lived there, it would be crammed with chocolate and submarines and other cool stuff! 😆 I saw lots of pics of him in St. Lucia. I am ssssssooooooooooo jealous! 😳 I also found out that his girlfriend ‘molly’ was jealous of me at the wedding! 😀 Oink tried on my jumper and I tried on hid duck outfit. I shall never clean my jumper again. Not that I ever do ❗

I went to Wexford on Thursday. Mummy’s friend came with her kid called Kitty, but everyone calls her hello. On the first night, we went crab catching and we caught lots of crabs. I was looking into the bucket when I had an idea ❗ 💡 What if I could get the crabs to join my army. They weren’t very keen on listening to me. they were more interested in fighting with each other witch is why I coaxed them to listen to me with some bacon. They are now in my army! 😈

Snow is the bomb ❗ 😀 :mrgreen:



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