Walking! (or carried)

Hi Snow here.

Last 7Day I went up a big mountain with mummy and her friends from ‘Cuala’. I say that the mountain was bigger then mt. Everest! In the car, because I know I wouldn’t walk up the mountain, I decided to try and ride on mummy’s dog Poppy. Poppy is really cool, She is good at scaring birds that eat my snacks, and being really loud. Anyway, she didn’t seem to keen on carrying me up the mountain. I should punish her, but mummy would stop my pocket money and I’m saving up for a new dungeon torture chamber.Image

As we walked, we got higher and higher (I would hope so! 😀 ). We got to look down on the Powerscourt waterfall! I would like to build my first lair in it as ‘Under Water Lair step one’. But I don’t think that they would let me build it there where everyone would see. at the top, you could see all the way to the sea ❗ it might be better to build my lair up there, where I could see all the attackers coming for me!ImageImageImage

After we had a picnic with hotdogs and buns and rockshandy and cookies. The feet and other things are from mummy’s Cuala friends. Image

Still sick from all the food! :mrgreen:

Under and over and out! Snow! 😛 ❗ 😀


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