Party with teddies! XD

Last night I was up all night with my new BFFs. ImageWe were out at a club that was packed full of people! They all moved though when mummy took pictures. We were at the club because it was Charcoal’s birthday that night. we had a ball! Mummy didn’t even stop me when I snuk into the mini bar and ate all the cookies! 😛 Charcoal and Noel have their own blog aswell but they have to share! 😛 When I have my own blog of my own! 😀

There was a piano there and we all had a go on it. We are going to start a band with me as the lead singer, Noel on the concertiana and Charcoal on the piano. I talked them into letting Oink into the band as lead singer no.2 aslong as he wants to be in ar band.Image

In the middle of the club was a snooker table. There was a really nice man there who tough us how to play. It’s very easy, you just have to hit the illominous ball into other balls and try to get them into one of the pockets but first you have to hit a red or a yello ball and then a coulered ball. I was the best of course! 😉Image

After we went out side because Noel felt sick. 🙄 But there was a big tree and swings out there so all was not lost. first we climbed the tree and of course, I was the fastest and climded the highest! but mum insisted on them being higher in the picture. 😥 😦Image


You can see Noel and Charcoal on

Don’t worry Oink your still my bffl! 😉

Over, under and out! 😀



7 thoughts on “Party with teddies! XD

  1. Dear Snow,

    I won’t be joining your band, I don’t do 2nd place! My vocal talents are more deserving of a solo career. By the way, I’m seriously famous now, my blog got published by the mini golf people!

    Oink xxx

  2. Hi guys it’s all lies
    Hey that rhymes. Anyway this post is wrong. I wasn’t feeling sick snow was but she was to ashamed to say that and charcoal was highest in the tree and the fastest and I was the best and charcoal was the lead singer and snow was backup and piano and me in the concertina so now you know the real story so justice is done and if anyone sees snow tell her I am ashamed and she is a very bad teddy

  3. I agree with Noel this post is all lies I am the lead singer and her mother did not insist on is being highir in the tree we were there first.

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