Dinner out (finaly)!

Last night I went out for dinner with my family at a place called FXBs. There was really nice food, but of course, mummy made me share with fang! πŸ™„ the good thing is is that I might be able to link to FXBs and become even even more popular! πŸ˜€Image

Fang and I had a hard time trying to pick what we would have, but mummy helped us as she liked to call it but really, she just got us the kids menu! πŸ‘Ώ I was so angry that I almost didn’t eat our burger! But it looked so good that I had to have it. πŸ˜›Image

The burger was great though I have to admit that I couldn’t eat all of it. I let Fang have the rest of it. Somehow, Fang managed to eat the rest of it ❗ There was like half of it left! Now I know where all my chocolate has been going! πŸ‘Ώ speaking of nice stuff, the dessert was really nice, we had a selection of ice creams. When I say selection, I mean you got 3 ice creams, but they were still really nice. There was vanilla, strawberry and brown bread. they were really nice even though you wouldn’t think that the brown bread would be nice. πŸ˜› Image

You should go to FXBs, or perish! (When I get my mini destroyers working)

Under, over and out,

:mrgreen: πŸ˜› Snow! πŸ˜› :mrgreen:


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