Crafting! XD

Today I decided to go into crafting with wood. I could make prisons and the outline on a guillotine. The first thing mummy showed me how to do was how to screw and nail. Thing is, is that you can’t make a lot of things when you only know how to nail and screw. 😦 I had good control on the hammer, it would always hit the nail. Then mummy told me to let Fang have a go. I needed to hold the wood for him because he needed to stand on a box of screws but he wobbled and hit my hand! 😥 ❗

Mummy and granddad were making a new bed for me because my last one wasn’t very good. (It was a shoe box! ❗ ) They were doing a lot of sawing and hammering and then BOOM!, they had made a bed, well, they had made the frame. We decided to paint it gooseberry and then we might put some designs on it. I was thinking bombs but leave a comment and tell me what you think I should put on it. Any way, the painting was great, or else it would of been if we were allowed to mess but mummy said that it would stay in my fur and I’m counting on it to get me money. 😳

When my granny finds foam, I’ll be having sweet dreams! 8)

Under, over and out,

8) :mrgreen: 🙂 Snow 🙂 :mrgreen: 8)



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