Brothers are anoying!!!!

Hi followers!!!!!! So like I was saying in my last post, my brothers, who are twins came over to stay a week. I t might sound ok, but they are football maniacs! 8o And get this, they bought support different teams!!!!!! 😡 Lam supports Scotland and Chop supports Ireland. Lam and Chop aren’t their real names, their real names are Lammy and Puffy. They like their teams so much that they got tattoos of the country’s national plants.

One day, we went for a long cycle to Teddies, we were all sguished in to the basket until Lam said that he would go where the water bottle goes.
On our ice cream we had a chocolate flake and strawberry sauce the bad thing was that we had to share one ice cream! 😡

On the way back, we stopped off at a  huge cannon that was pointing out to sea. We were allowed to climb all over it. 😀 I made sure that I could mesmerized what it looked like so I can build my own cannon.

That was the first bit of my pain with my brothers. And then they decided to stay for another week!! 👿 The good thing was that mummy was getting sick of Lam and Chop as well so she let Fang and I play on my laptop while lam and chop watched football. On the 2last day, it was pouring rain outside   and my new mini tv was dead for a while, so we decided to make up a new game with marbles. What you gad to do was put your marble behind a line and kick it as far as you could. I kicked mine the furthest and then Chop, and then Lam. Lam had the worst kick I’ve ever seen. Fang didn’t get a go because the power had just come back on.  

On the last day we went on a walk by the sea and saw dolphins that were jumping out of the water!!!!!!! But stupid mummy didn’t bring her camera! But I did get to make a new website. I will be linking to it very soon!

Over, under and out!!!



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