Today, mummy took me, Kiwi and Fang to the street festival that was in town. There was a lot of people there and a lot of acts.

We left at 12o’clock, mummy carried us around in a bag on her back. We went on the dart into town. It was very tiring for us because the bag was very hot. 😦 And we had to stay in it for the whole day! 👿

I will make a gallery with this post so you can see all the acts.

The first act was a magician who was very good, then it was two acrobats who did a lot of cool tricks up high! I got the most pictures of them. Next was an Australian guy who was

up on a 3ft unicycle while juggling fire torches, after that mummy’s camera died. 😡 The last act we saw was two black guys who were really cool, one was playing the buckets and the other doing break dancing. 😀 I could learn something from them because they were black (and black people are cool) and they were really good dancers.

Over, under and out,



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