So today I was really board so I decided to look around to see what I could do. Mummy wouldn’t play with me because she was too busy with her Lego to play. It was soooooo unfair! Lego doesn’t even do anything! At least I actually play and interact with you! 😡

So anyway, I decided that I’d make her notice me. I decided to form a plan. I sat and watched, and watched, and watched when she left the room! There was my chance! I crept up to the Lego and jumped!

I smashed them and I crushed it but just when I started to roll about and have fun, Mum came in! I got a right telling off! Then she started to tell me how I shouldn’t rune things that other people spent time on and blaa blaa blaa, I just rolled my eyes 🙄 and started thinking of chocolate.

Then Mum actually had a good idea! 💡 And it wasn’t a bad one at that! I could use the Lego to plan out my army! And design all my army vehicles. Enemies beware! Snow will now be stronger than ever!

Over, under and out!,



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