Halloween sweets!

Arg me hearties! This post is all about Halloween and the things that are around it!

Halloween is my third favorite holiday besides Christmas and my birthday which isn’t really a holiday but it will be when I rule the world, along side Oink of course! Any way Halloween is my third favorite holiday because not only do you get to scare people and not get told off, you get millions of sweets!!!! ❗  This year was my first year going trick or treating because last year I was too young and didn’t have enough teeth for all the toffees. I went as a pirate in a new outfit that mummy bought for me, mummy went as a bag of jelly beans but sadly you couldn’t eat them because they were balloons 😦 and her friend Nicole went as an mnm you couldn’t eat her ether but I don’t like mnms any way. We went knocking at all the doors in the neighborhood and from that, I say I got a ton of sweets! 🙂

Next day was mummies birthday and get this!: Because it’s the day after halloween, You can eat as much sweets as you want! 🙂 😀 And she used some money from her birthday to buy me new PJs! They’re pink silk and very comfy! I fell asleep almost the second I put them on!

The next day she had a party where most of her friends came over and baked and then we watched the funniest movie ever! It’s really old and supposed to be scary but it’s not! It was called Hocus Pocus.

That’s my post, I need to sleep because I’m still sleepy from all the sweets.

Over, under and out,



1 thought on “Halloween sweets!

  1. Hi Snow,

    Awesome Halloween costume! I went as Zorro 🙂 I wasn’t allowed to go Trick or Treating, silly parents didn’t trust me not to take every sweet from every house… We must meet up soon, my plans for world domination are coming on really well, it’s currently scheduled for January so keep that month free!

    See you soon,

    Oink xxx

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