Christmas Decamerating!

Hellooooooooooooooo!  And a Merry Christmas!

Today, mummy started to decorate her and my room. I was delighted, but I think it was because I kept at her to try and get her to put them up. 😀 What is really cool is that we have 3 Christmas trees! One is our main one that Santa puts the prezzies under, and the other two me and mummy’s room. 🙂

The problem was that being me, I deserved the biggest of them all, but alas, my area of my room was too small. 😡 😦  Then I had an idea 💡 I owned all of them but I share two of them! 😛

When mummy was putting up “her” tree, I kind of bumped into it and knocked it down. (3 times) 😳 😳 But mummy didn’t care, 🙂 Christmas puts her in a really good mood. Oh! And get this! My letter’s gone! 😀 And If you think that It couldn’t get any better, it did! Because mummy’s letter is still up the chimney! :mrgreen:Mtreefar (1)MtreecloseBtreecloseBtreefarStree

My whole area was awesome ➡Sarea

And I had cool & yummy things ➡ScrackerSpudding

Polever, funder & south! (Ha I made it Christmassy!)

🙂 😀 Snow 🙂 😀


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