Christmas Eve & Christmas!

Hi everyone!!!

As you all know, today is Christmas Day :), but do you know what happened to me yesterday & today? No? Didn’t think so.

As you should know from my earlier post, “Christmas time!” I asked for a new apprentice and an army uniform and a windows 8 laptop. Santa did pretty good but I’ll get to that later.

Anyway, what we do in our house is that, mummy sleeps in Auntie Léonie’s room and so do I. First we set up our beds, Auntie Léonie has a couch-bed so we used that. I only got a corner but it was still really cozy and with some Snow magic, it was all ready to sleep in. As most families do, we put out milk, some chocolate biscuit cake, a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph. I tried to see if they were up on the roof yet but the chimney was too dark. 😦 We watched a new Christmas movie called the snowman and the snowdog, and then just before I went to bed, I went a rummaging through the prezzies and I found my prezzie! I was the biggest one of coarse! 😀P1030914 P1030920 P1030922 P1030923 P1030924 P1030925

In the morning, I found my prezzies in a pile on the floor. My pile was the smallest, but I think that that was because I got a laptop. As I said before, Santa did pretty good because he did get me the laptop and instead of the army outfit, he gave me material for it so I gave it to mummy to make me the outfit. The last thing was instead of a new apprentice he gave me a new baby brother! His name is Hecter and he’s a cairn terrier. I can’t wait to train him into the family business, well, the Snow business. The clothes that he was in were ripped and dirty so mummy made me lend him some of my clothes. 😦P1030929P1030928P1030927P1030926

That night we went to my grand-uncle and aunt’s house for dinner. We didn’t do a lot there except eat, all the grownups talked and stuff. So I decided to tell Hecter about my plan to rule the world. I can’t wait to introduce him to Oink! 😀 I didn’t really eat at dinner, it was desert that was the best!P1030931P1030932





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