Les Mis

Hey guys!!!!!!

I just, and I mean, literally just saw Les Miserables, the Movie!!!! It was the best thing I’ve ever seen! 😀

It is all about a man who was a convict and was out on parole when he changes his life and saves a dying woman’s child from a terrible and they live a life on the run. You’ve just gotta see it, but book first because the cinema was completely booked out.

I’m off to look up more on how to train a robin to do your bidding.

Over, under and out!

😀 😛 :mrgreen: 🙂 Snow 🙂 :mrgreen: 😛 😀


Snow is c-c-c-cold! (and I don’t mean me!)

Greetings my fellow friends!!!!

I was quite a while ago when I went up the Dublin Mountains. It was just me, mummy, granny, granddad and Poppy, mummy said that Hector was too young to go out in the cold.

Well I was at home watching everyone else work as I plotted my plots I noticed that the things mummy was taking out were very snow related, a slay, coats, hats, gloves etc. ❓ I was going to ask her what they were for or just hijack the slay when mummy told me to get into my warmest clothes, so to keep her quiet I went up and got my scarf, my thermal top, my super S jumper, my trackie and my hiking boots on and came down to everyone dressed for snow just as I was. We all popped in to the car and drove to the mountains.

Well, I’ll tell you something, there was snow, about 2 feet deep and perfect for slaying! 😀 hole 1 fhole 1 chole 2 chole 2 f (1)

My slay was orange and really fast. It has 2 brakes so you can also steer. Now you all should know that Poppy is fast, and I mean fast, but I was faster! 😛Sled

Will hopefully post soon

Over, under and out!

😛 😀 🙂 Snow 🙂 😀 😛

359 days till Christmas!

Hey everybody and a Happy New Year!!!

It’s soooooooooo sad because 1. today is January 6th so we have to take down all the Christmas decorations, and, 2. because today is ‘Little Christmas’ so all the mummys of the world have a break from all the house work and cooking and I ain’t talking about the ancient Egyptian ones. So I have to start taking down all the decorations with Auntie Leonie and Granddad (Granny also had a day off turns out that she’s a mum as well, who knew?!)

I’m already starting my list for next year! So far I’ve got a puppy, a tank, an alligator, a crocodile…. and that’s it so far.

Got to go now, Granddad keeps telling me to take down my tree, 😥 I don’t want it to be over :cry:!!!!!!!

Over, under and out!!!!

:DSnow 😀