359 days till Christmas!

Hey everybody and a Happy New Year!!!

It’s soooooooooo sad because 1. today is January 6th so we have to take down all the Christmas decorations, and, 2. because today is ‘Little Christmas’ so all the mummys of the world have a break from all the house work and cooking and I ain’t talking about the ancient Egyptian ones. So I have to start taking down all the decorations with Auntie Leonie and Granddad (Granny also had a day off turns out that she’s a mum as well, who knew?!)

I’m already starting my list for next year! So far I’ve got a puppy, a tank, an alligator, a crocodile…. and that’s it so far.

Got to go now, Granddad keeps telling me to take down my tree, 😥 I don’t want it to be over :cry:!!!!!!!

Over, under and out!!!!

:DSnow 😀


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