Hello, I Hector N. Buckley, am a cairn terrier.

My birthday is on the 13th of October. I love all thing to do with electronics and hope to become an inventor. I am also very good with animals, I can befriend most animals but squirrels are my weak point. My sister Snow is planning to rule the world along side her best friend Oink, she has a huge crush on him.

I can play piano and write my own music. I am working on my own song, I think I will call it, “Io sono il Hector”. It means I am the Hector in Italian. I would like to learn Italian in the future, I am learning French now. I am not that good at it but I will learn.

I will hope that Snow will allow me to post often but she is very protective of her blog.

See ya!! 🙂

😀 Hector 😀



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