Today as an early birthday present mummy and granny took me and Hector to a place where they make sculptures out of iron. Our neighbor makes sculptures and he brought us on a tour of where they turn his clay sculptures into iron ones. We have one of his sculptures in our hall in fact! His name is happy face. He doesn’t look that happy though!P1040084

The way they start is they cover they clay sculptures in silicone and some sort of plaster onto it. After, they cover it with wax and then keep covering it with some sort of sand over and over and drying it in between. Once that is done, they melt the wax into a tray. They need to get all of the wax out or when they put the iron in, it’ll go BOOM!!!! Once all the wax is out they put the molds under a roofy thing that looks like a house. Inside it they heat up, So they won’t crack when the iron goes in. When the iron is hot enough, they take the roof off and quickly, but carefully, they put the iron into the molds. Before they put the iron in they surround the molds with sand so if they crack, they’ll keep their shape. After a long cooling, you got yourself an iron sculpture!!! 😀 There were other sculptures in the ware house, like a giant horse!!!

Our neighbor made a lot of other sculptures like, ‘Quack’ and ‘Tulip’.P1040056 P1040065 P1040062 P1040059 P1040058

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Over, under and out.

😀 🙂 😛 Snow 😛 🙂 😀


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