My Super-dooper awesome Birthday!!!!!!

I know this post is really late but I’m trying not to go on my laptop too much for lent so because yesterday was paddy’s day, I letting myself use my laptop and post.

My Birthday was so great!! Oink came over and we had dinner together. He didn’t actually realize that it was my birthday but he still gave me a prezzie!! 😀 He gave me the same bucket that he has(if you don’t know it then go to his blog) and some sweeties! 😛 snow & oink dinner2 snow & oink dinner1

I also got 2 hats from aunty Leonie, my army outfits from mummy (finally) and a chair from Hector which I totally blinged up, it even has build in headphones! 🙂army outfits1 army outfits2hats  snow chair

On the back of the army outfits there’s writing that tells others what role in the army the person is. On mine, it says Gen. Army as in general of the army, and just Gen. on Hectors. It’s so cool!!!! Now I can hide even easier!!!!!!

There was loads of yummy food at the dinner, we had burgers and raspberry macaroons and strawberry cake!

I mightn’t have gotten a tank or a sub or anything like that but still it was great!

Over,under and out!!!!

Snow!!!! 🙂 😀


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