My Superfabafunalishious Party

On the 17th of April this year( I’m extremely late on my posts 😦 ) I had a Super-fab-a-funalishious Party. It was all for me! 😀 Loads of people came to see me and to have a wonderful dinner in honor of me!

It was at Kiliney Castle (soon to be called ‘Castle de la Snow). Most people were there when we arrived but that’s just called fashionably late. Me and Hector had matching outfits, and they also matched with mum’s. We were extremely well dressed and were the stars of the show. 🙂



There was a huge pool in the hotel, nasty dangerous things, the only thing they’re good for is to keep pet ducks in.


Half way through the dinner I tried to get everybody’s attention and make a speech but no one even stopped a second to listen! 😦




When we got home I found a present waiting for me inside. It was a profesional photo of me and Hetor. Iit was incredible! Done by the fantastic Mícheál Doyle.



This is the only time I’m going to show you my mum. Don’t get used to it



Over, under and out.

😀 🙂 😉 Snow 😉 🙂 😀




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