Le Paris

Bonjour all my friends and followers! I am after visiting the amazing city of Paris.

Paris is a HUGE city full of old things like art (boring) and old buildings like the Arc de Triumph (not boring).

Hector and I were all kitted out with everything we needed for France: Stripy t-shirt au……. well that was it really. I also had money for all the baguettes and pain de chocolate Mmmm! 🙂

So any, way I was having a nice sleep, dreaming of world domination and ice cream and sleeping, when suddenly I woke up and found my self on some kind of ghost train! I think monsters were supposed to jump out of all of the bags that were around me but it must have been broken. 😦 We flew with Ryanair to Paris, or the out skirts of Paris any way. Our flight was at 6:25 so everyone was sleepy. It was another hour on a bus and then we were finally in Paris! 😀 The first thing we saw was the Eiffel Tower (or Le Tour Eiffel as the French call it). A HUGE metal tower which is now called Le Tour Snow. 😀P1040343 P1040344

Next it was the Roland Garros. Other wise known as the French Open. We didn’t see most of the important matches like Nadal, but still some matches. I slept through most of it, catching up on all the sleep I missed on the plane.  P1040360 P1040358

Then we had pizza for dinner (strange for dinner in France, I know). And back to one of my favorite pastime, 40 winks!

Day Two

Second day we had pan de chocolate. Then we went to the Catacombs an under ground burial area. It was very dark and it was a no flash zone so no pics I’m afraid. 😦

Next was the Promanade Plantee, an elevated park built on an old railway line.

Then it was Sacre Coeur. a church up on a hill. You could see all of Paris from the garden in front. P1040393 But that was nothing compared to up the dome…

 P1040396 P1040402 P1040401 P1040400 P1040399 P1040398 P1040397

After we had dinner in Entrecotte. A restaurant that only serves stake and chips! Double mmmm!

Day Three

Another breakfast of pan de chocolate. And off to l’Orangerie an art museum. Yawn In the Toularie gardens: P1040417

And then we went to Notre Dame. A church made famous by a children’s fairy tale called The Hunch-Back of Notre Dame. But obviously, there was no hunch-back. It was an amazingly beautiful church.

After mum, granddad, Hector and I went to an army museum. It had all the army requirement they had from the iron age to WW2. P1040434 P1040433

But the best thing was Napoleon’s tomb!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀  I got to see the coffin which if pretty cool because you know: my second name is Napoleon and so its all cool. P1040450 P1040449

The final thing we did was to go to the Arc de Triumph. It was also pretty cool because its associated with Napoleon as well so all cool. 🙂

 arc de triomph

That’s my time in Paris!!!!!!!!

Over, under and out!

🙂 😀 😆 Snow 😆 😀 🙂


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