Cutie-Patutie Puppy

All this week we’ve been taking care of our friends new puppy! He’s only 8 weeks old and doesn’t have a name. He’s a prezzy for their daughter’s 18th birthday, and she doesn’t know about him so he doesn’t have a name yet. I was hoping to train him in the martial arts, they say to start early so it would have been perfect! I had just turned round when I saw the little teeth coming straight for my nose, luckily my (my mum’s) quick reaction saved me just as the little beast’s teeth were about to sink in. So after that mishap, I’ve decided to put Hector head of puppys and other beasts like that. Even though he tried to bite me, I still have to admit that he  was a real cutie. And I did give him a final hug.

photo (1)photo (3)photo (2) 

Over, under and out,

🙂 😀 Snow 😀 🙂


My First GIG!!!!!!!!!

Yo guys!!!!

I was at my first festival yesterday!!!! Groove was the name and it was the coolest thing ever! 8) I went with granny, our neighbor Sandra and one of mummy’s best friends. Mummy and her friend Nicole are big fans of Imelda May, 1 of the 3 we saw, and they were dressed up just like Imelda. They had Quiffs and red lipstick and black eyeliner. They were the bees’ knees’.

P1040578Imelda May

They’re like twins!!!!!!

I am now the biggest Imelda May fan ever! She kept coming over and smiling and waving at us, it was great! 🙂

We also saw Damion Dempsey. I really like his songs, They’re really Dubliny and stuff.

Over, under and out!

Snow 8)