My new mirror.

Yo how are ya guys,

Just posting about my new regal mirror.



My Birthday(Hector)

Hey guys! It’s Hector here, this is almost a once a year chance to post because Snow won’t let anyone on her blog accept for on special occasions.

Any way, so today’s my birthday and I’ve been having a great time. I was awoken by Snow waking me for my birthday bashes, good news is that I’m only one year old so I wasn’t in as much pain as I will be in future years. When I got out of bed I went down stairs and had my favourite breakfast of porridge  and than went upstairs to open my presents. From mum, I got a jumper, from Snow, I got two blog posts and from my granny and grandad I got a build your own TV set. I made the tv in half an hour and already have it hooked up to the UPC boximageimage

For lunch all my friends from my computer science class. It was really fun, we had toasted sandwiches and cake. image

We’re still partying right now so I must go.

Till next time,

🙂 Hector