4th: 20 days to go!!!!

On the 4th day of December, Snow gave to you, her letter to Santa.

I wrote my letter to Santa to day! 😀 I’ll be posting it up the chimney very soon but that’ll be another time in another post. I’ve asked for a camera so mummy can capture my amazing beauty, and lots of pretty(mainly awesome) clothes!


Hector                                                                                                                                      Snow is giving me a chance to give me a chance to have half of this post. I will also be talking about my Christmas letter to Santa. I’ve asked for something to test my brain and maybe some pajamas(or at least fabric to make them). I will be using my second post from my Birthday in a little whil to tell you all about my Christmas so far.


Snow                                                                                                                                         4th

Over, under and out,

😀 🙂 Snow 🙂 😀


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