Today and yesterday, mummy was busy with Cuala in a thing called Féile. Féile is like the biggest competition in the GAA before playing for counties.

Cuala was having a great first day yesterday and won all their group deciders. Then they had their semi-finals against Sylvesters which was probably the first tough match of the day. They won 2,4-3,0. Just one point between them.

Today was a much harder game against Naomh Marnóg. The final that came down to the last minute. One of our star players was fouled through out the match, and the ref didn’t do anything about it. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to squish Naomh Marnóg in the


Camogie Féile in two weeks time. 😈

InstagramCapture_ab49bc31-6128-4e7f-8893-741d89b3e420_jpg WP_20140413_002 WP_20140413_003DSC00081DSC00085

Hope you love my cape!!!!

Over, under and out!

🙂 😀 Snow 😛 😆


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