Robin’s partay!!

Last weekend was the best ever because mummy’s now on summer break from her work and that means that we’re going to be going out more often! 🙂

Like just after she got her holidays we went down to Waterford to Robin’s big welcoming party. We I wore my party dress that matches mummy’s and Hector’s shirt. But how embarrassing is this, they wore those things too! 😮 Why would they do that to me?

I spent most of my time with Oink and almost none with Robin because the adults were passing him around like it was some game of pass the parcel! But then I saw out of the corner of my eye, great-aunty Bridget putting Robin into his pram, I caught my chance and me and Oink snuck over and began messing with him and trying to train him to get out and walk us around. Problem is is that he hasn’t mastered the walking thing just yet and he also seemed a little more interested in sleeping. 😛 Watching Robin

When someone else came and took him away, we went to look for something else to do. We were wondering around great-uncle Robert’s amazing garden, terrorizing the baby blue tits when Oink’s daddy brought out a pinata shaped like a pram. I was going to say something about how it should have been shaped like Oink but then we started hitting it……Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Well that’s all from me!

Over, under and out!

🐱 ❤ Snow ❤ 🐱


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