Yesterday we went to the beach for most of the day. We also went to watch some kids practice making human towers. It was sooo cool.
Mummy also had to preform some stuff with the comhaltas group. We then went to dinner which was salad for starter, piazza for mains and icecream for dessert.
Then we just went back to the hotel.
Today we went to the beach some more and then had a big concert in a palace. For dinner we had piazza and icecream. In was pretty good!! 😀

Over, under and out


Airport to Spain

Hi guys!!
I’m really tired and really bored because I’m in the airport waiting for my plane to Barcelona but its been delayed by 3 hours so I have to wait till 9 o’clock and the plane isn’t here yet!!!
Wish 🌠 me luck 🍀 so I don’t die of boredom!!