Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween everybody! 🙂
This Halloween was amazing, because there weren’t many people out trick or treating it meant that we had loads of sweats left over and the people at the doors were giving out more sweets so they could get rid of them (though I can’t imagine why they’d want to do that).
I went as a pirate again this year except Hector didn’t go trick or treating, he prefered to stand at the door and give out all the sweets, but I have a feeling that he gave out waay too many sweets. 😦
But I still have loads! 😀
Today is also mummy’s birthday but great uncle Robert is having his birthday party today!!! Nothing of mummy’s presents really interested me except an umbrella, it shoots out and opens out at the press of a button!!!! If I could change it to bullet proof fabric than I would have an amazing shield! 🙂
Over, under and out!!
Snow 🐱


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