Robin and Oink came for dinner tonight. Robin was very fun to play with even though he seem more interested in playing with our bowls rather than all the toys we brought down(except for our chickys). He even gave me a really good idea about building a lair under the table, ot has everything, its dark and in the last place people would look. 🙂
I also got a present from Oink. Its a Christmas tree that you can wind up and it’ll play music (it also has something inside but I’m not allowed to open it until Christmas day 😦 )


Christmas around the World

I’ve been sending loads of Christmas cards all around the world, including my new colleague in America, Wolfie. There are actually secret messages in all the cards but only my colleagues know how to decipher them. 🐱 😛

photo 3

Over, under and out!

🙂 😀 Snow 🐱 :mrgreen: