Robin, Oink and clue 4

First I’ll give you the 4th clue clue and then well get onto the real topics of this post.
The clues are:
A nature valley bar
And a statute.
Happy guessing 🙂

Today I went to see Oink and Robin because mummy had just got off work and is finished until August. 😀 Oink and I were sent to mind Robin while the grown-ups talked about boring things like work 😦 . Ribbon was a sinch, we just got him to carry us places and then left him play. When we had to go, Robin got into the car and started playing with the steering wheel. He was very happy until his meanyboots mummy came and took him out and he started crying!! How could she!! 😮

I’m going to be going on holidays soon so I’d you hadn’t heard yet then you’d want to do so soon.
Over, under and out!
🐱 Snow 🐱


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