The Answer

So we’re in the airport, waiting for our first of two flights. I shall now tell you the answer and who won.

Clue 1:
Shirts, my backpack and sugar cubes; horse riding in canyons
Clue 2:
Lights, chips and cards; Las Vegas
Clue 3:
Rice and a cannon; Bryce canyon
Clue 4:
Statue and a nature valley bar; monument valley

So the answers is……… American!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
Sadly no one guessed correctly. 😦
Oh well.
We’re going on a road trip, starting out in LA where I’ll be catching up with Wolfie. Then its on to Las Vegas, I’m going to be winning the big bucks. Then were in Utah and Arizona then back to Las Vegas.
Over, under and out.
🐱 Snow 🐱


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