Sup everyone this is my first post for a while because I was banned from my laptop because I wouldn’t let Hector use my laptop. But now it’s all back to normal! 😀

I’ve been trying to train robins because we have one in our back garden. It wasn’t going too well until I realised that we have one in the house! He’s very tame but just to make sure that I wouldn’t get hurt, I sent Hector in first, he’s very good with animals! When I got up to the robin I realised that he was huge!!!! I never knew that they were that robins were that big! ❗


I’m so excited for Thursday!!! If you don’t know why then you should!!! For those less sophisticated, I’ll tell you so put it in your diary. Thursday is MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oink said that he’s going to come over for dinner and that he has a prezzie for me!!!!

Over, under and out.

🙂 😀 😛 8) Snow 8) 😛 😀 🙂


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