My First GIG!!!!!!!!!

Yo guys!!!!

I was at my first festival yesterday!!!! Groove was the name and it was the coolest thing ever! 8) I went with granny, our neighbor Sandra and one of mummy’s best friends. Mummy and her friend Nicole are big fans of Imelda May, 1 of the 3 we saw, and they were dressed up just like Imelda. They had Quiffs and red lipstick and black eyeliner. They were the bees’ knees’.

P1040578Imelda May

They’re like twins!!!!!!

I am now the biggest Imelda May fan ever! She kept coming over and smiling and waving at us, it was great! 🙂

We also saw Damion Dempsey. I really like his songs, They’re really Dubliny and stuff.

Over, under and out!

Snow 8)



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