Summer 2012

A happy Summer hols to all my followers! I’m here to tell you all about my holliers in Waterford and Cork! But first I have to tell you that Kiwi left for Haiwi The day before we left and I’m really sad. 😥


In Waterford, it was really boring at first, but than mummy’s cousin Clare, Was moving house and we all went along to help. 🙂  Granddad and to other cousins of mummy’s had to put up a mettle shed and it would’ve benn a perfect science lab!

We had a barbecue at Clare’s new house. All the food was really nice and there was no greens for me!:D

Cork! 😀

In Cork we went on lots of adventures but first I saw mummys bed. I was so happy to be sleeping there because I was really soft. Then mummy took me out of her bed and showed me where I was sleeping. It Was a sheep slipper! It was actually really nice but I was still anoyied that I didn’t get a propper bed! Fang didn’t seem to mind though, I think that he’s just happy that I’ve started hanging out with him now that Kiwi has left.

We went to a wood that was full of fairy houses. There were lots of houses that were really cool but too small for me 😡 Just look at how cute they were! 😀 I tried to get them to come out and join my army but they weren’t there! 😦

Next we went to a place called ‘The Fort’ It had great views all over Cork(or part of it).Juring The holliday I saw that Cork has great lookout places. Check out my pics from The Fort! 😆

We also visited mummy’s godmother who has a house down in cork! 🙂 We went swiming off the beach ( well, I didn’t!) Her house had great views of the beach! I need to set up a bace in Cork because Of all the great views!

The last thing we did was we went to two beaches and on one we made a bridge over water that was comeing from two waterfalls.

On the second beach I made a cool cove out of rocks because when I rule Cork I’ll need to have somewhere to get all the fish.

That’s what I did in Waterford and Cork!

Next time I’l be posting on the tall ship race!

Over, under and out,



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